Founded by a group of diverse and broadly experienced professional entrepreneurs who share a common purpose and passion for the development of Africa. Transparency and integrity support the core values of our business philosophy and we see our clients as our partners. We adopt an approach focused on fully understanding our partners business and unlocking hidden value, our success depends on our partners success.

A Globally Pioneering Vision

Having developed a unique understanding of the African investment landscape, we’re positioned at the forefront of a developing global economic power. Our business philosophy and niche strategy drives our vision to become the most unique investment group on the African continent.

Understanding the African investment landscape is a challenging task. We have extensive knowledge, experience and partnerships that assist in understanding the particular complexities and nuances, enabling well-informed decisions when developing an investment strategy.

We are a proudly African company with our headquarters situated in the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, with strategic alliance offices across Africa. Mauritius is geographically ideally situated and is fast developing as an African financial services hub and given an enabling regulatory environment has created a credible platform for flows of worldwide capital into Africa.

Striving for Sustainable Investment into Africa

We are deeply committed to promoting increased investment into Africa and believe the rapid but balanced development of the continent over the last decade has created a fertile environment for investment. Through careful strategic planning and well structured and executed merger and acquisition activity, sustainable value can be created on the continent.

We believe Africa offers the tremendous growth opportunities of a rapidly developing and emerging economy with a fast improving legal framework, regulatory environment, fiscal policies and local infrastructure. While Africa has been in transition from a relatively closed to an open market economy over the last decade, the continent continues to demonstrate an advanced level of accountability and strong corporate governance. Africa provides investors with a broad base of opportunities in a uniquely dynamic market.

Great Relationships Define Our Success

In turn we see the opportunity for our investors and partners to participate in a unique investment environment, underpinned by a pioneering vision that will surely shape the future of global economic power.